My Stories - Fall 2020!

Olivia's Big Race!

"But what if somebody younger than me beats me?" asked Olivia nervously.
Today, Olivia would be competing in a big race with other kids from her school. "You will do great, Olivia. Don't worry about it so much." Kayla told her, trying to cheer her up.
"Thanks Kayla."
"Of course! And just remember, regardless if you win or lose, my mom said we can have a sleepover tonight!"
Olivia felt a little but better. She knew Kayla was just trying to help her. They were sitting by the pond, talking. Olivia rode her bike back home, trying not to think about the race, which was later that day. When she got home, her mom was baking cookies. Olivia rode her bike back home, trying not to think about the race, which was later that day. When she got home, her mom was baking cookies.
"Hi honey, are you ready for the race?"
"Yeah, I think so," replied Olivia.
"Good, dad is coming home, and picking up pizza for dinner!"
"Wait," said Olivia. "I thought I was having a sleepover with Kayla after the race."
"She can come over for dinner, and afterwards you can go to her house," her mom told her.
"Okay," said Olivia. She went upstairs to her room to get ready for the race. When she got to her room she found her little sister Ava, going through her makeup.
"Hey!" shouted Olivia. "Get out of my room before I tell mom!"
"Make me," said Ava.
Olivia grabbed Ava's arm and dragged her out of her room. Ava started to fake cry.
"Mom! Olivia pushed me!" screamed Ava.
"Olivia, get down here now!" yelled her mom. Olivia ran downstairs.
"I told you not to hurt your sister. You are grounded after the race!" said Olivia's mom.
Olivia thought that her mom was being unfair, but she decided that it would be best not to argue. She stayed in her room, until it was time to leave. Olivia stayed quite the whole ride to the field, because she was nervous, and mad at Ava. When they got to the field, Olivia saw Kayla in the stands, and waved to her. Olivia went to her starting spot on the field.
"Good luck!" called out another sixth grader named Sarah.
"You too," muttered Olivia.
Olivia started stretching and she saw almost her whole school, including her teachers in the crowd. She felt like throwing up. Then she replayed Kayla's words in her head. "Don't worry so much," she thought to herself. "Just run as fast as you can."
Olivia took a deep breath. The ref walked to the middle of the field "Welcome students, friends, staff, and family! Thank you all for coming to this year's annual race!" The crowd started cheering! The ref walked over to the racers. "When I say go, you may start running," he explained. "Whoever passes the ribbon first wins the trophy."
Olivia looked around at all of the racers in their starting position. Everything she trained for all led up to this moment.
"On your marks!" the ref yelled, "Get set...GO!"
Olivia ran as fast as she could! She passed three kids and was in the same place as Sarah. She passed most of the fourth and fifth graders, and now had to pass a seventh grader who was a couple feet in front of her. Olivia looked behind her and saw Sarah way back by some of the fourth graders. Sarah's face was red, and she was sweating like crazy! Olivia turned back around and ran even harder! She passed the seventh grader, and was now in first place! She heard the crowd cheer even louder. She could see the yellow ribbon at the end of the field.
She was only a couple feet from the ribbon... a couple inches... a couple centimeters... and she passed the ribbon! The crowd cheered loudly. Olivia was so happy but also out of breath! The rest of the racers passed the ribbon. After the racers got some water, the Umpire walked up to Olivia.
"Congratulations, Olivia!" he said as he was handing her the heavy trophy.
When Olivia held the trophy she almost dropped it because it was so heavy, so she set it down on the field.
"Nice job!" said Sarah to Olivia.
"Thanks," replied Olivia.
Olivia noticed her parents, Ava, and Kayla all running toward her.
Olivia's mom hugged her. "I'm so proud of you," said Olivia's mom.
Olivia smiled at her mom. She couldn't stay mad at her. Olivia then looked around. The crowd was clapping, her parents were hugging her, and her new, shining trophy, was right in front of her feet.

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