Hello!!!!!! this is my homepage banner

I used 3D paint to create this masterpiece

you can use the 3D library to upload 3D figures

and you have a variety of tools that you can use to help make your picture perfect !

this is my fairy houses banner i also used 3D Paint again to create this picture!

this is my fan, it can spin and blow air like any other fan or windmill . you have to give it a motor and program it to make it work.

Here are links to more of my projects


my satalite

my favorite rover

my favorite snail

my favorite bee and flower

my favorite object grabber

my favorite reycycling pully

my favorite movie with my freind

my favorite zip flyer

my favorite rainbow

my favorite Robot arm to build with my friend

my favorite 3D Paint invention

my favorite 3D Paint dog

my favorite movies

computer notes