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This is a short video about solving the first side of the rubics cube (Usually the white side). It is for entertainment and is NOT a tutorial video. Effects are added to this video to make it feel like an older video. A 3D laser effect is also added to make it look faster at some point.

This is a cool 3D mixed reality video made with 3D paint. It's a virtual image of a car driving along a table. It looks like a toy car but is a virtual, fake car. This is my first video using 3D Paint and it's 3D effects.

This is my second paint 3D video. It's a plane flying around me like a fly. My arm represents a runway where it would take off and land. I also show my face for the first time in this video. 3D Paint is defimatly the best way to make 3D special effect videos in my opinion.

Perfect House.

This is a tutorial on how to draw a simple house on microsoft paint.

This is a drawing of a cargo boat made with paint.

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