3.Claw bot and drive train

A drive train is the base of almost any vihicle,they have, 1. a chassis, 2.a motor, 3. ussaily 4 wheels, 4. at least 1 driven and driving gear
A turning scrub is basicly the drive radius and the distance in between the font and back wheel
Skid steer is for tank and vihicles like tanks,to turn, one tread moves faster than the other.Skid steer is for without steering wheels

a claw bot is a drive train with stuff added

4.Extended drive train that is programed!!!!!

now if you think hat the code was simple, no, it was NOT

5.SDPAAESS(super duper pooper awsome amazing exelent super saw)

my super saw was NOT a model.

6. Ball grabber

harddd model

now with motorz