These are my paint3D creations!

My car getting punched.

It is falling donuts, from out of the sky, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

A storm with lightning.

My cool graffiti.

My cool cool cool art.

My cool houses.


THE LIVING MAP is situated in Ye Olde middle ages and I DARE you to find the Key!(p.s, would you want to be living on an island with only one other neighbor and no shops!?.)

Three dee! is just zooooooooooomed in

The best thing I have ever made!

A plane heicoptor and blimp in one! It is made of: alluminum titainium palstic and iron. is made so a mechanic just has to read one handbook on how to fix it insted of like 100.

Just at a different angle

my (crazy) comix strip

ok, the pic below wasint made in paint 3D, it was made in skechup free, but it still looks good.