The history of the world i guess:

The history of the world (i guess)


Seven Parts Of Civilization

1.Stable food supply
2.Social structure
3.System of government
4.Religious system(s)
5.Highly developed culture
6.Advanced technology
7.Developments in writing

(Started 9/10/2020)Vocab

History: the study of the past through written records

Prehistoric era: the time before writing systems were developed

Paleolithic Period: the time during which humans began making tools, hunting, and gathering food.

Artifact: a object made by a human

Hunter-Gatherer: people who lived together in order to share food, shelter, and other supplies

Paleolithic diet: a diet that consists of vegetables, meat, fruit, and nuts

Bering Land Bridge: the glacial connection between continents during the ice age

Neolithic period: the time period in which humans began to grow their own food

Domestication: to breed living things to better fit humans

Agriculture: the ability to grow food and domesticate animals

Yellow river: river in china(town)

Yangtze river: river in china(town)

Prehistoric Teims

Territorial:claiming land as being owned by a group or individual

Social hierarchies: a system of society in which some people are placed in a higher class than other people

Bronze age: after the Neolithic period, when humans began to make tools and weapons from bronze

Civilization: a group of people with houses, farms, and domesticated animals.

Mesopotamia: The first Civilization to Use Writing and meet the creteiria of a Proper Civilization.


Egypt: The second great civilization.

Kemet: The name the Egyptians called their land. Means 'Black land' for Egypts fertle soil.

Old kingdom: The fist age of Egypt when the pyramids were built.

Middle kingdom: The time when Egypt was focused on its culture.

New kingdom: Most famously known as the time of the Pharoes, Egypt was focused on making an large empire.

First, Second, and Third intermediate periods: The times in between the kingdoms of Egypt.