11. Basic Java Script FOR loop

the code

p id="demo" /p

script: var text = ""; var i; // i is the counter for (i = 1; i //greater than 21; i++) {

//i starts at 0; i++ incrememnts i by one

text += "The number is " + i + "br";

// += oparator appends the value

} document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = text;


12. Array using A Basic Loop

Missile List

12. Array using A InVerSe Loop and getting the specific items in the array

Missile List

13.Raidio button test pt.1

You have $1000, you spend $30 on shoes,
$350 on a computer, and get $25 for your birthday.
How much do you have now?

A ($90)
B ($645)
C (645$)
D (IDK?!?!?!??!?)

13b.Raidio button test pt.2

Caveman Al has 14 stones,
caveman Bob has thirteen fish,
you can buy one fish for 1 stone,
and caveman Al wants to buy 14 fish.
Will caveman Bob have enough fish?
A = Yes B = No C = IDK

A = (Yes)
B = (No)
C = (IDK?!?!??!??!?)

14.While loop

Output here

15.Showing the requested parts of the array
(with the old array(without the bunker buster))

Output here

16.!FIND THE GAME! the game.

pt.2 of 16!


17a.Steal john doe's info(OBJECTS)




17b.light-bulb (OBJECTS)


Where it is




click me to show a number

1 = left mouse button 2 = right mouse button 3 = right and left button

4 = scroll wheel 5 = left and scroll wheel 6 = right and scroll wheel 7 = all of em'

you pressed button:

18b.EVENTS - keybord

Click somewhere in the doc. An alert box will tell you if the ALT key was pressed when the onmousedown event occured

TIP:try to press and hold down the ALT key before you click the DOC.

P.S. hover over the "paragraphs above", hold ALT. and click it!


This example uses the addEventListener() method to attach a "wheel" event to a DIV element. Roll the mouse wheel over me - either up or down!

A function is triggered when you roll the mouse wheel over div. The function sets the font-size of div to 35 pixels.

Note: The wheel event is not supported in Safari and IE8 (and earlier).