French is spoken in 29 countries and there are aprox. 100000 WORDS in the french language

Map of france:


Aa(ah) Bb(bay) Cc(say) Dd(day) Ee(uhn) Ff(ehf) Gg(zhay)
Hh(ahsh) Ii(ee) Jj(zhee) Kk(kah) Ll(ehl) Mm(ehm) Nn(ehn) Oo(oh) Pp(pay)
Qq(koo) Rr(air) Ss(ehs)
Tt(tay) Uu(oo) Vv(vay)
Ww(doobluh vay) Xx(eeks), Yy(eegrek) Zz(zed)

Les nombres(numbers)

Uhn, Duh, Twah, Kahtr, Sank,
Seece, Set, Weet, Nuf, Deece, Ohnz, Dooz, Trayz
Ka-torz, Kenz, Sez, Deece-Set, Deece-Weet
Deece-Nuf, Vent, Vent-a-Uhn
Vent-Duh, Vent-Twah, Vent-Khatre, Vent-Sank
Vent-Seece, Vent-Set, Vent-Weet, Vent-Nuf, Trent
Quarant (40), Cinquant (50), Soixant (60), Soixant-Dix (70), Khatre-Vent (80), Khatre-Vent-Dix (90), Cent (100), Mille (1,000), Uhn Million (1,000,000),Uhn Milliard (1,000,000,000)

French stuff you probably wont understand

Je m'appelle Clement, Mon anniversaire, c'est le 11/11/2011, J'aime danser,
Je n'aime pas fromage. Je nage bien, Je ne cuisine pas bien. (nothing is true)