MORE GIF'S!! (using a different app called Adobe Animate)

Adobe Animate-Frame by frame animation Uses: Onion skin, Squashing and streaching that emphasizs speed, wheight and mass, Modifeing the frame rate

bouncing ball

Campe Fire - the next few will use basicly the same stuff - Using polystar tool and properties panel to make a triangle, Using the free transform tool to streatch the triangle,Creating a symbol, Creating a Tween, Inserting Keyframes, and customizing the symbols color.

tank battle


Plane 2, using: How to import an image: 1. Search for an image on the internet and copy it. 2. Crate a project in animate or continue with an old one and paste it. 3. import a bitmap then Modify> Bitmap> Trace bitmap. 4. Edit the image unto pieces using the selection tool to remove the background. 5. Use the lasso tool to choose witch part(s) to animate. then select all layers and on frame 40 insert keyframes on all layers and rename each part as a layer. 6. animate different parts by inserting keyframes and ajusting the image. 7. after you are done save as normal.

Character Animation